The YMCA Anthony Bowen’s COMMUNITY EXHIBITION SPACE in partnership with THE ART ISLAND   

“Gallery Y and the Artist-in-Residence program will provide opportunities for more even-footed conversation among groups, and lead to insight and a shared sense of community. This will in turn lay the groundwork for exploration on maintaining vital cultural and community traditions.”

- Diane S. Taitt, Executive Director at the YMCA Anthony Bowen

The Anthony Bowen YMCA and Gallery Y’s Artist-in-Residence program provides opportunities to invite artists to create and engage a community, within the centrally located gallery between Sweetgreen and the Y’s lobby on 14th and W Street NW. The program provides artists with a unique experience to play an active role in the creative community through socially engaged projects, educational outreach, public programming, and art exhibitions.

Every artist-in-residence will exhibit in Gallery Y and share at least one workshop with the community. In exchange, the YMCA offers temporary membership to the Anthony Bowen YMCA during the program, one-on-one feedback and info sessions with the curator, installation of their work in the gallery, and the opening reception for their exhibition. Gallery Y also supports the artists with the majority of the sales for any art sold, space for other programs, and more creative opportunities.

As of May 2019, Gallery Y is thrilled to partner with local curator Beth Ferraro. Ferraro was the Creative Director and Curator at Honfleur Gallery in Historic Anacostia for over six years and has lived in the District for fifteen years. She currently runs a creative consulting business, The Art Island.

Gallery Y and the Artist-in-Residence program is starting with 3-5 exhibits a year. We welcome applications and submissions on a rolling base starting in the Fall of 2019. Please check back for the application later in the year. Gallery Y’s Artist-in-Residence program accepts all forms of art (dance, poetry, photography, painting, installations, and all visual arts). The artist(s) will specialize in harnessing the arts as tools for learning, healing, and leading hands-on intensive workshops. Gallery Y is open to collaborations and willing to partner for related grants together.